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Grey Squirrels can cause many problems both in the countryside and in urban areas. They can kill hundreds of trees by stripping their bark off to get at the inner bark. Grey Squirrels will also dig up garden bulbs; inhabit lofts and attics chewing through wires, destroying loft insulation and an personal possessions that may be there; raid bird feeders, scaring song birds away; they also displace populations of our native Red Squirrel, because of the Grey Squirrels high breeding rate, greater physical attributes and adaptability to habitat change, Grey Squirrels have displaced Red Squirrels throughout most of the country. Grey Squirrels also carry the Parapoxvirus which is fatal to Red Squirrels

Craft Pest Control offers many services to control and remove Grey Squirrels from all situations.

Under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 it is illegal to release a Grey Squirrel or allow it to escape into the countryside as it is not an indigenous species to this country (it was introduced into the country from the United States and so is not native to Great Britain. Other such species include Rabbits and Mink)

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