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In the UK, Moles are classed as a major agricultural and horticultural pest. It is estimated that Moles alone will cause millions of pounds worth of damage to agricultural and horticultural land each year. Despite this they are either protected or not regarded as pests across much of Europe.

The main problem Moles cause in agriculture is that the soil that they push to the surface can contaminate silage making it unpalatable, exposed stones from their hills can cause damage to machinery, also the fresh soil from their hills can cause an invasion of weeds reducing crop yields.

Domestically and horticulturally, Moles can cause damage to young plants by disturbing and exposing the root system causing them to dry out, wither and die. Mole hills also cause an invasion of weeds into areas where soil has been exposed, and their hills are often regarded as unsightly.


Craft Pest Control  specialize in Mole Control using the traditional method of trapping & gassing 

Trapping Moles is currently the most effective method of Mole control available. When undertaking a trapping programme, as many traps as necessary are set in areas where Moles are showing recent activity. In large scale situations such as farms and country estates, Once a trap has been set its position is recorded on a hand-held GPS device so that the traps can be found with ease.

traditional method of using traps to control Moles for over 35 years, and we consider it to be the most humane, successful and cost effective method of Mole control when it is carried out professionally.

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